Bargaining Update

Bargaining Status Update:

CUPE 387 Collective Agreement expired on Dec 31, 2019.The CUPE 387 Executive started preparing for bargaining in August 2019. Bargaining Committee members have been selected, member input has been sought and that information is currently being used to develop the Collective Agreement proposals for presentation to the employer.

Bargaining Committee Members:

  • George Habib – Business Agent
  • Hardeep Maghera – President
  • Nancy Jickels – Vice President
  • Tabitha Guichon – Secretary Treasurer
  • Kathy McLeod – Recording Secretary
  • Michelle Edwardsen – Executive Director
  • Ryan Bryce – Executive Director
  • Jordan Pink – Executive Director
  • Mike Taddei – Executive Director
  • Frank Neubauer – Executive Director
  • Jordana Feist – CUPE National Representative

Bargaining Committee Activities:

August 13 2019 – CUPE 387 Bargaining Committee Workshop to take participants through the various stages of the negotiation process to prepare committee members who have not been involved in bargaining sessions previously and a refresher for those who have.

August 29 2019 – CUPE 387 Collective Bargaining Survey posted until September 13 2019 to solicit member input in order to inform bargaining priorities

September 15/16 – CUPE National Bargaining Workshop to check in with locals, gather updates, and discuss ongoing bargaining strategies.

November 5 2019 – CUPE 387 Bargaining Committee Survey Results Analysis – review data to pinpoint issues, concerns priorities as identified by members.

November 26 2019 – Bargaining survey results presented to members at General Meeting to ensure members are informed and allow an opportunity for questions and feedback

January 7 2020 – CUPE 387 Bargaining Committee Meeting – Further research, consultation, and proposal development

January 14 2020 – CUPE 387 Bargaining Committee Meeting – Prepare draft priorities and bargaining proposals

January 21 2020 – CUPE 387 Bargaining Committee Meeting – Finalize bargaining priorities and proposals for presentation to members

January 28 2020 – CUPE 387 Bargaining Committee bargaining presentation to members at General Meeting

Bargaining Next Steps:

  • CUPE 387 will be filing an intent to bargain with the employer
  • CUPE 387 Bargaining Committee and the City of New Westminster will meet to arrange bargaining dates
  • Bargaining between the parties will begin and, ideally, advance during the scheduled meetings

Thank you for your interest in the bargaining process. If you have further questions regarding bargaining feel free to contact the CUPE 387 office.