CUPE 387 members elect an executive board that is responsible for the local.  The executive conducts union business, represents the union in collective bargaining, works for the best interest of its members and is at all times accountable to the members. Meetings are held regularly and Elections are held at the annual general meeting.

2017-2018 Executive

Table Officers

George HabibBusiness Agent(604) 520-5644 office
(604) 341-7611 cell
Hardeep MagheraPresident(604) 521-3711
Paul MooreVice President(604) 526-4691
Sue ByronSecretary Treasurer(604) 519-1026 or
(604) 519-1054
Debbie WilsonDebbie WilsonRecording Secretary(604) 519-1026 or
(604) 519-1054

Executive Directors

Gord Sidhu Brar(604) 526-4691
Ryan Bryce(604) 526-4691
Travis Coe(604) 526-4691
Kathy McLeod(604) 527-4672
Frank Neubauer(604) 520-5644



Marianne Janzen
(604) 527-4660

Nancy Millar
(604) 519-2008

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