About Your Executive

Position Name Position with the City Biography
Full-Time Officer Nancy Jickels Engineering Operations Nancy has been with the City since 1996 where she started in the Building Department and then joined Engineering Operations in 2003. She also served as the secretary for the CUPE Short Term Sick Committee for several years. In addition to being a founding member Nancy also acted as the Special Events Coordinator for a charitable organization whose mandate is to raise funds for equipment for the Royal Columbian Hospital.
President Mike Taddei Engineering Operations Mike started with the City in May 2010. He currently works in the Streets Division of Engineering Operations. Mike joined the union executive in 2019 as an Executive Director, then Vice-President in 2022, and President in 2024
Secretary Treasurer Tabitha Guichon Clerk Towing Operations Tabitha started with the City in 2016, in the Engineering Department. She enjoys meeting new people and learning new things, which is one of the reasons she started to take an interest in the Union. In 2019, Tabitha was appointed to complete the remainder of the retiring Secretary-Treasurer's term; and in 2020, she was officially elected to the position for a 3 year term, and re-elected in 2024.
Recording Secretary Michelle Edwardsen Horticulture