About Your Executive

Position Name Position with the City Biography
Business Agent George Habib Financial Analyst Finance and IT George has been with the City since 1981. He started as a Cost Accountant and was promoted to the position of Financial Analyst in 2000. He served as a Trustee for both the Union and The Short Term Sick Leave Plan and also served as a Treasurer for the Short Term Sick Leave Plan. George was elected to the only full time position with the local in March 2008. He is currently serving his 4th term.
President Hardeep Maghera Engineering Technologist Hardeep started with the City in 2004. Elected in 2008 as an Executive Director and the following year as a Vice President. Hardeep was acting President for 9 months before being elected for a 3 year term as President of the local in May 2011 and re-elected in 2014 and 2017.
Vice President Paul Moore Engineering Operations Paul has been with the city since 1999 and currently works as a truck driver for Engineering Operations. He was shop steward for 10 years, Executive Director for 5 years and is currently in his first term as Vice President.
Secretary Treasurer Sue Bryon Clerk Towing Operations Sue has been with the City for more than 15 years. Sue has had an extensive experience as a Vice President and a President with a number of not-for-profit organizations such as the Coyote Creek Elementary School and the Fleetwood Park Secondary School. Sue was appointed to the Treasurer Position in June 2008. She is currently in her 4th term.
Recording Secretary Debbie Wilson Clerk Towing Operations Debbie has been with the City for over 15 years. Debbie served the local as an Executive Director for a number of years before being elected as a Recording Secretary in 2009. She is currently in her third term. Debbie serves on a number of committees including the Finance Committee.