Stewards are often the first point of contact for our members when engaging with the local and are the union representatives in the workplace. If you are interested in becoming a steward, contact the Full-Time Officer, Nancy Jickels.

Steward Responsibilities

  • Provides support for members
  • Helps clarify responsibilities and benefits laid out within the collective agreement
  • Is the Union representative for any disciplinary meetings
  • Receives basic steward training
City Department Name Main Contact Alternative Contact
Union Office Nancy Jickels 604-520-5644 604-341-7611
City Hall Brent Cassidy 604-519-1066
City Hall Hardeep Maghera 604-527-4545
Development Services Michael Racanello 604-515-3804
Engineering Operations Ryan Bryce 604-526-4691
Engineering Operations Manny Jakhar 604-526-4691
Engineering Operations Marco Baldissera 604-526-4691
Engineering Operations Mike Taddei 604-526-4691
Engineering Operations Nic Correia 604-526-4691
Engineering Operations Hossein Shidfar 604-526-4691
Library, Main Branch Kathy McLeod 604-527-4672
Library, Queensborough Maite Mayate 604-636-4550
Parks, Horticulture Michelle Edwardsen 604-527-4567
Parks, Horticulture Tracy Dixon 604-527-4567
Towing Tabitha Guichon  604-519-1026