Stewards are often the first point of contact for our members when engaging with the local and are the union representatives in the workplace. If you are interested in becoming a steward, contact the Full-Time Officer, Nancy Jickels.

Steward Responsibilities

  • Provides support for members
  • Helps clarify responsibilities and benefits laid out within the collective agreement
  • Is the Union representative for any disciplinary meetings
  • Receives basic steward training
City Department Name Main Contact Alternative Contact
Union Office Nancy Jickels 604-520-5644 604-341-7611
City Hall Hardeep Maghera 604-527-4545
City Hall Brent Cassidy
Development Services Michael Racanello
Engineering Operations Marco Baldissera
Engineering Operations Nic Correia
Engineering Operations Mike Taddei
Information Technology Jason Hattrick
Legislative Services Carilyn Cook
Parks, Horticulture Michelle Edwardsen
Police Kristina Machuik
Towing Tabitha Guichon