City’s Commitment to Workplace Wellness

As part of the its continued commitment to workplace wellness, the City recently announced an expansion of the psychological services. The extended health benefits coverage has expanded to include registered clinical counsellors and registered social workers effective March 1, 2018.  This will allow staff greater flexibility to seek support with the type of health care practitioner that best suits their needs.  To confirm the maximum coverage amount for your plan, check the benefit booklet available on the HUB or online at  – CARESnet login.

In addition, in support of its continued commitment to workplace wellness, the City is also in the process of coordinating mental health awareness training for staff. This program called “The Working Mind” will commence in late Spring 2018 and is designed to address and promote mental wellness in the workplace.  Please stay tuned for further details.

(Note:  NWPOA members who already have this expanded coverage and Police Department staff who have already attended Road to Mental Health Readiness/Working Mind Training can disregard the announcement).